November 25, 2009

Dark Age in Journalism History

Last November 23 2009, in Maguindanao, a province in Mindanao, Philippines.
At least 57 were killed by gunmen including 20 Journalists. It was a clash between 2 Political families that led to this massacre. The Mangudadatus went to the town of the rival Amputuans to file Certificates of Candidacy at the Commission on Elections office for the next years election. On their way there, they were gunned down and buried by mass graves.

For me, what I care is the innocent lives of the Journalists who were just there to record history, but they themselves were put to history...It just proves that even how civilized people are, there is still barbarism inside of each and everyone of us.

Is this what happened to Politics in Maguindanao? People desperate and do anything just to keep their grip to power. Where is the Dignity and Peace in each and everyone of us.

Killers have forgotten their God, their hearts and their lost souls.

I pray for them, they will always have a special place in my heart for I am an aspiring Journalist myself and for that to happen made me stronger and hungrier to graduate.

This blog is for them, the fallen comrades, the searchers of truth, man or woman, muslim or catholic...they all have 1 title: Journalists

In memory of:

Henry Araneta
Bong Reblando
Nap Salaysay
Bart Maravilla
Joy Dojay
Andy Teodoro
Leah Dalmacio
Gina Dela Cruz
Maritess Cablitas
Neneng Montano
Victor Nunez
Macario "MacMac" Arriola
Humberto Mamay
Joel Parcon
Noel Decena
John Caniba
Art Belia
Ranie Razon

May your souls be together with God in heaven forever.

"No Journalism, No Democracy"