September 27, 2009

Lending my hands

PICTURE 1: Broken asphalt roads. Caused by flooding.

Tomorrow at around 7am, I'll meet up with my friend to volunteer for Sagip Kapamilya's Relief Operations. I don't know what will they require us to do...but whatever it is, I hope it's worth volunteering for.

We all know that Eastern Luzon of our beloved Philippines is in a state of calamity after nonstop rains flooded the land. Fortunately our house is located above sea level and it water didn't come to visit our home.

As I was watching the news I saw people on their rooftops screaming desperately for help. I felt that it was my responsibility to help my fellow countrymen.

Earlier this morning we went to my tita's house and saw the damaged caused by the flood. It's Tragic.

tomorrow, I shall go wherever the tide would bring me. I didn't ask permission from my parents but I'll just leave a letter in front of my room. Don't worry about me, I just couldn't stand anymore watching at home and not do anything.

I am in the position where I can help those in need, and so I will lend my hand to anyone in need.

This is it. This is the chance. I'll grab it.

September 23, 2009

Mixing Stress with hobbies

Well, this semester has been the most far... and my body's so tired that when I get home as I turn on my computer I suddenly fall asleep on the table and wake up after 2 hours. yesterday was a holiday and It was the 1st time in almost 3 months that I hanged out in our street.

It was good to see people greeting and their surprised on how much weight I've put onto my body and of course their asking if my injury is already healed and my answer to that is "it'll get better, but it will never heal"
I saw things I've not done for years, like playing street basketball and biking around the surrounding streets.
You see what I mean? He can smile and say HAKUNA MATATA!

I miss the the old times, when there's more fun than stress. Where I can relax on a weekend and talk with my neighbors, Where I can smile for a whole and worry about nothing but what to eat for supper.

hmmm college life is indeed time consuming.
I haven't read the latest book I bought "KAPITAN SINO", it's the 7th book of Bob Ong. I bought it last July and up until now I'm still on chapter 1!!! I guess my mind's so tired when I get home. I don't play the guitar that much too, as of now I haven't finished the new song I'm composing, no title yet..just a few words and rhythm, I'm finding a hard time looking for new inspirations for new songs, I'm getting tired of writing about heartaches, It does nothing but make you remember how stupid I were back then.

So I've found a new way of stressing out or unwinding my mind, whatever you want to call it. For me, this really works, it relaxes my mind and releases my brain's creative juices. It's Painting! I know that I can't even draw but it's a skill I'm so desperate to have.

Well really just wanna show you the pics of my so called "Masterpieces" :D

This is the first painting, made with Posterpaint entitled "Choices" Inspired by this play I watched last year. It's about making choices of your own, each road leading to a new direction.

This is the latest painting, made with acrylic paint, entitled "Goodevening to the sun" inspired by Barbie Almalbis' song "Goodnight" - that's a pretty song. It shows the moon and the sun colliding with each other and the creatures are confused on whether it is day or night.

- I told you I'm a frustrated painter. Well I hope I'll get better in painting as well as in Photography and music writing. :D Sometimes I think that I can have my own world...Inside my room. :D

September 8, 2009

"John!you've got a visitor!, It's a ZOMBIE!"

I slept at 3am....zzzzzzzzzz.....then it came...

CHAPTER 1: 12 noon and the sun is high!

Morning: Me and my buddy from college were soldiers trying to eliminate the zombies around the city. At the front gate to the city Isaw my friends bidding us goodluck!

So we went in with our highly sophisticated guns and gears, locked and loaded, we blasted our way into the city. Bang!Bang!Bang! it goes on and on and I kept firing until there's no zombie infront of me.

We went into this college building and made our room to room check, Each room contains a zombie or 2. After we eradicated Student-Zombies.

CHAPTER 2: The Fall of my comrade

Our next mission was to clear a Government Establishment about a 100 meters away from our 1st mission. Going there was tough, running and gunning at the same time. I didn't feel exhausted though, I was in an adrenaline rush moment.

I was a Sniper and my buddy Dani was a rifleman for me. We fired and killed more zombies (It was a bloody dream) And then I was about to rescue trapped people from the building but a soldier threw in a small hand grenade into the building, I raced to the entrance but the grenade exploded, so was the whole building. Debris of human parts came falling down.

It was becoming dark and the sun's fast retreating into the horizon, so after the explosion we ran away from the zombies and tried to provide cover from the survivors, but as we retreat, Dani was caught by the zombies and I tried desperately to free him from the abductors, but as they drag him he threw his rifle to me and another soldier pulled me saying "We have to go!"

CHAPTER 3: Animals join the zombies

We were on the rooftops to avoid zombie confrontation, for some reason even if they hear us but if they don't see us, they can't find us! So we were "roof hopping" until the roof I jumped in collapsed and unfortunately it was filled with zombie animals. I stayed at the dark corner and suddenly a Siberian Tiger breaks away from the cage and I said to myself "shit,shit,shit" and luckily it went outside without detecting me.


By midnight we reached the hospital and planned to stay there until the sun rises when the zombies are slower. Because we were Roof hopping, we came in from the second floor. As we were walking the hallway a voice of a crying girl was heard by all.

Sometimes zombies try to copy sounds by human so as a precautionary measure we turned off our gun lights. A soldier turns on his light and points exactly where the girl was, but I realized that it was no girl, but a witch-zombie so I said "OH SHIT!" and then it jumped to the soldier and kills him instantly, now it's coming for me! As it jumped towards me to claim my life I took out my sniper rifle, aimed and fired 1 shot.....BLAAAG! a body falls down, the witch has fallen.

Downstairs more survivors are hiding and to my surprise, my friends, Stef, Janine, Thor and Divine were the nurses attending to the wounded. There was 1 woman speaking so weird that the other soldiers held her and asked permission from me to shoot the girl because she was wounded by a zombie bite and therefore she becomes a zombie in a few hours, I was wouded too by a zombie bite but I was immune to it.

As I turned my sight on the girl, I recognized her and said to her "Badet?" and she stopped from murmuring weird words and began to cry, It was my friend so I quickly grabbed her and embraced her and I scried too. Her skin started to lose color and her eyes becoming bloody red, and so I turned away because I know what was going to happen next, she'll become the enemy, and so I walk towards the exit of the hospital the last words she heard from me was "EXECUTE HER".

CHAPTER 5: The battle for the bay

The last phase of our mission was at hand, we defended about 3 cruise ships that should sail away from the abandoned city, but zombies got in and started climbing the tower of the cruise where the main command was. I was there throwing, shooting and hittingthem trying to push them off, It seemed endless, I used the knife for I have no more ammo and even using my helmet to smash their skulls, it seemed like I was going to do it for eternity as more and more zombies climbed but then......


I OPENED MY EYES.....I was in my bed, it was 5:00am in my watch, time to go to school.

One thing I would like to say, I became a hero in my dream. Well at least that's a sign at what I should do in real life.