April 16, 2013

bumpy: a safe seclusion

For the past months, I've not written anything at all, yes and I am terribly sorry for that, I wasn't writing online, I was writing in notebooks, in papers, in my mind and in a recorder. The 2-month hiatus was because I was writing songs.

A quick background: When I was in my sophomore year in high school (that was in 2007, yes I'm not in my teen years anymore, time passes so fast!) I was in a punk-rock-alternative band. I was around 16 at the time and we already had gigs around Manila, I could never forget walking around in Malate, seeing the night life and of course, the prostitution that was going around by that time.

I was the vocalist and we never actually got to sing an original, but I was writing back then, I wrote my first song one night in a beach in Zambales, it was also my birthday that night, but that wasn't my party, but anyway I enjoyed writing ever since, I wrote about 2 or 3 songs in high school, it was really in college that I started writing songs heavily (because I took up Journalism) and song writing for me is like my diary, each song is a sneak peek of my life, and since all the songs in this first "album" is all about love, hence, it's a novel about my love life (Cheesy pare, gravyyyyy)

Why call it "a safe seclusion"? - When I wrote these songs (except 2 songs) I was always on my own, either I was lonely or happy, depressed or inspired, I believe I write most honest when I'm on my own. It was my way of venting out emotions, either song or poetry but it was mostly songs. I really never liked hugging a friend while crying over it or getting drunk so much just to "forget the feeling", or maybe I just really got used to getting hurt a lot that I can contain it like a pro (awww, sad to say haha)

So I hope you can relate to at least one of my songs and like it. Remember: You can share the songs or even download it! It's absolutely free, I just want to share the music, and maybe help someone on the way with my songs. Cheers!

1. 18 Last Letters - A song I wrote in 2010, it's about writing love letters and the love that was lost.

2. Still Asking Why We Fell Apart - Written in 2011, remember when you just woke up one day and you're just full of questions about what happened? How did it all go to waste? Why did it end?

3. I keep on lying - A 2009 song, one of the old ones. This is about being in denial, saying that you've moved on but still, whenever you see that person, the love just comes back.

4. In A Second - Not sure if this was written in 2011 or 2012, but this is written by my good friend Thea L. It was originally a poem that I asked if I could make a song out of it, it's about a love that faded away, in a second.

5. I Do - Written late in 2012, it's about really being confused if to take a leap of faith or not, to continue and go for broke and the regret that you once loved each other, but someone just bailed out.

6. Free - Another oldie, written in 2008. It's about letting go. Nuff said. Haha!

7. Wake Up - I wrote it early in 2013. If free was letting go, this one's about leaving because I've had enough. (Naks, lakas)

8. Worlds Apart - Early parts of 2012. About two persons that just drifted apart.

9. Langit - Written in the summer of 2010, probably this is the one I really did enjoy recording, it has a simple and relaxing tune. Everybody has to listen to this. It's about telling someone that their secret's safe with you, that you'll accept whoever he/she is.

10. Love (John Lennon Cover) - I really love John Lennon, he's one of my musical influences, and I really really love his voice, so I did this cover for him.

Enjoy listening, it's ok to cry if you feel like crying. And remember, this music is free! Download and share! It's not everyday someone gives free music right? Cheers!