April 28, 2009

Travel: a day of meeting the wildlife

APRIL 6, 2009
Blag!blag!blag! "get up and dress up, we're going somewhere", said my dad in Filipino language. For me, I get irritated when someone wakes me up in the morning and tells me that I'm going somewhere and I didn't have it on my calendar of activities. I always wanted to put activities on my calendar so that I can prepare myself and my things and my mood for that activity. Having no choice, I got up with a dragon's face, went straight to the bathroom and then got dressed, got my camera and we took off.

Then I asked "where are we going?", "Avilon Zoo" says my mom, and suddenly I got excited because I've been planning to have a photo shoot there for the summer but my budget was short and then here it is again! voila! I'm going to have my planned photo shoot for free! but first we have to go to WAWA DAM, my dad said that when he was young they used to here and swim around.

It was an awesome site to see, I even saw some people with big cameras and I assumed that they were filming the place. You have to trek for about 15 minutes to get to the dam, The only thing that I didn't like about the place is that it was noisy because some huts have videokes. It swallows the songs of the birds, gush of the river and hymn of the Nature. We didn't stay at the dam that long as soon as we got there, after a minute or 2 we went on to Avilon Zoo.

When we got to Avilon Zoo, I got out of the car with a smile on my face. I didn't even wait for the others to get off the car, I rushed inside at the ticket booth like it was my treat. The entrance fee was PHP208.00 ($4) It was a privately owned zoo an d it has some of the endangered species in the world. I hate to spill the info about the zoo but I just can't stop myself from telling it, haha! Going on we went inside and had our lunch at the foodcourt inside it. I ate Spaghetti and after that we set off to explore the zoo. It was a wide collection of Snakes and Lizards, and it was the first time that I saw a Cougar and Leopard, It was a funny thing to watch because the Leopard was scared when the Cougar growls!

This is the best thing that happened in that zoo, I want all of you to meet Camille , she's a female orangutan who walks around and charms people and sometimes scare children. When I saw her I was so excited I quickly asked mom for PHP50.00 ($1) so that I can play with the Orangutan. So I did and took a lot of pictures. She was very kind though it seems that she's bored with me I was happy! It was a very touching moment for me because I care about animals and It was my first time to interact with one of them. So I went home with a smile on my face and slept te way home.

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