June 22, 2009

Confessions of a Commuter

Time Is Gold, that is the oldest yet most true quote of all time, time is everything, from the moment you open your eyes until it shuts down, It's time, It's Mathematics.

In a commuter's life, time is their lifeline, timing is everything. You plan ahead of you including minor setbacks such as delays during the travel or the number of stops in each place. Running, jumping, sweating, looking haggard and smelling funny, that's a commuter's life.

Have you ever ridden a pedicab?a tricycle?a jeepney? how about the FX? Taxi? Bus? Train?

Honestly speaking, I've been through all that...Every week, 4-6 times a day I ride the train, Trains here in the Philippines have only a few number of coaches, and because of cultural influence, the first two coaches are exclusive for women, the elderly and the disabled of course. A commuter's life is one of the hardest thing to do. You have to have great stamina and the ability to blend with others. This might be a very hard thing to do for some rich kids who don't want to sweat and get bumped by other commuters. Commuters like me really hate it when there's fare price hikes and Strikes because we won't be able to go to where we want. Actually, the reason why I wrote this blog is to give tips on how to survive in commuting via RAILWAY or the TRAIN.

  1. Say the word "YUCK" while holding at the safety handrails inside the coach.
  2. Eye Contacts with people who looks like maniacs or criminals.
  3. Never leave your things unattended, I just lost my wallet inside my bag at the train station
  4. Try to speak softly, you might wake up the man sleeping beside you.
  5. No horse playing.
  6. Never ever try to get inside while someone is trying to get out.
  7. don't be a delay to others.
  8. Don't read other people's messages while their texting.
  9. Avoid being hot headed.
  10. Stop Complaining up to the smallest flaw of the manufacturing of the train.

  1. Guard your things
  2. mind your own business
  3. always smile

It's also better to travel with friends, there's always safety in numbers.

-Time is something we should never waste, life's too short to do all the things we want, but there will be always time to do the most important things in life.

What's that most important thing you want to do? for me, it's getting to school early. =P

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