August 14, 2009

What do stars do? They shine.

I am actually so ashamed to say this, but just earlier at around 11pm, It was the first time that I saw the 2007 date movie STARDUST. Yes yes say anything you like but at least I've watched it now.

So first I'd like to critic the movie. Stardust, well the story looked like that the story happened around the 18th century. A young boy in loved with the most beautiful lady in town, suddenly a falling star comes blazing down earth and then crashes into the earth. Tristan offers to get the star for her Victoria in exchange for her hand (or in short them getting married). Tristan travels across the wall and finds a lady by the name of Yvaine. She is the star, they had adventure and so starts the heartbeats. This star has fallen in Love with Tristan and so does the man.

I need not to tell you more about the story because for those who haven't watched it yet, I don't want to serve as an spoiler to you people. All I can say is that they had the BEST CHEESY LINES OF ALL TIME, AND I LIKED IT. It actually made me smile while watching the movie.

It was also the 1st time that I saw Robert De Niro going gay, It was so funny that I can't believe him actually danceing like that.

This is THE BEST OF ALL, I asked myself earlier "How come I didn't watch this in 2007?!" IT WAS A CLAIRE DANES MOVIE FOR GOODSAKE!!! she is one of my most adored actresses of ALL TIME together with Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson. It's funny that there's an existing similarity among the women I've mentioned:

1. They are very feminine
2. They have worn dresses at their movies

3. and most of all, They have those Round eyes that I love so so much. That's where I get soooo attracted, in the eyes.

I liked this part right here, I love Claire Danes' eyes in that scene, it's too lovely I can't help but melt. hahaha.

The movie actually took of a lot of stress out of my body and also that It made me believe that there's still true love in this world. Well I hope that what I'm feeling right now is true.


Stefff said...

me likey too. haha! you're finally getting a taste of Neil Gaiman's books. hehehe

John Exos Nulud said...

ohh..can you suggest more from that guy? I heard that the movie was better than the book version.