January 2, 2011

2011, what experiences will you bring?

The last year of the first decade for the 21st century is over and thus opens another decade. 2011 years of history, so much has happened and I didn't even notice that I've been in this amazing and dangerous world for two decades now. Wow! Everything about my past has been so extraordinary, I've been to the ups and downs of life in such a short period of time.

2010, what did last year brought me? Happiness and Sadness, contentment and frustration. Periods of being overjoyed and suddenly being depressed. 2010 brought challenges to my time and decisions over priority from bumming. I became a President of an organization that hasn't have a solid foundation and an organization without interest to the school community these days. I also became a photo editor for the school paper and it challenged my leadership skills because the roster of photographers were my friends and some are seniors and I felt a little uncomfortable telling orders to higher batches but I tried my best and it works so far.

I'm not going to deny that because of these tasks and obligations, I became a bit of a loner for this academic year. It's either you see me holding activity sheets, running back and forth to offices to get permits or bringing 500 newspapers to the school lobby and folding it myself, but like I said; I think I've done well in planning and time management.

It's so hard when people expect you to bring out what you can give. Giving out the best what I can and trying hard to reach marks that would make me qualify for a scholarship hasn't been successful for 3 years. Co-Curricular activities take its toll in studies I tell you, there are times where I am just so exhausted and I just want to be alone, sit for about 3 hours and rejuvenate, take a nap, but every time I try to do that all obligations are running in my mind and all I can hear is "DEADLINE, DEADLINE, DEADLINE!" so I stand up and go out!

I've also been to a lot of shit in 2010, I've had so many shortcomings and whenever I fail people get upset, they go "you could've done this, I expected better, you could've been the best" - HEY! I'm imperfect, I'm not a wonder kid! Yes I can do a lot of things but this is what I always say:

"I'm the Jack of all trades, King of none"

So 2011, what experiences do you offer? I've been into so much failures in 2010. I'm sick of failing people and disappointing them, I'm trying harder than hardest but I realized that I can't really be anything what people ask for because if I'll be what they'll ask, that's not me, that's them. I'll do what you say, but on my own way.

So dear 2011, bring me happiness and contentment, bring me the smile I've lost and bring myself where I could be happy to be me. Teach me more experiences where I could learn life in a different way, teach me all these things so that I could be better. Enlighten me.

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Pinoy Boy Journals said...

May 2011 be filled with awesome trips so you can share more your great photographs. i love the work you're doing!