August 15, 2011

Hard to Move On - My Nostalgic Life

They say it's easy to forget things and "move on" with Life, that the reason for leaving people or things behind our lives is that they don't deserve to be in the future. That may be right in some cases but I think not, it's because we are hurt of those people and those things remind us of our sad past.

Today, I'm 20 years old and soon will celebrate my 21st, I remember my days as a kid. Although it wasn't that much fun being a kid (because most of what I remember was that I drowned in a pool, got bitten by a dog, cried a lot from slipper whips and scoldings) I still remember some things and moments that made me look back at the past and cherish once again the little and unlikely things that made me happy.

They say that a child's imagination is like no other? That is absolutely right! I've had the best imaginations in my life and some of it made me look like a looney and some actually helped me reach my dreams.

This picture I just found that I'm in it, really small, those are my cousins sitting while my Mom is holding me.
I am a man who doesn't forget the small details. It was hard for me telling stories because the small stuff I remember when I tell it to my friends, they don't remember a thing of it and they all started calling me a liar and I was making stuff but until now it is clear in my memory, because it is their humiliations I can still remember! :)

I used to imagine that this convertible chair was my boat and I fight of pirates with a wooden sword.
Imagination, is to some an escape to reality, to some it is a vision but to me? It is another world where it is an empty notebook and ready to be filled with my stories, how things I want to be! I want to tell tales of how I save my true Love from a Japanese prison camp and I am a soldier that is fearless and damn good! I would even imagine myself with the woman I Love and how we would spend each day if given the chance, I would imagine even in the middle of the class during my High School years! Daydreaming about my crush and stuffs like that until my teacher gives me a good verbal lashing.

The old basketball court.
I remember our basketball court in the house, it was once the venue for our 3-3 street game tournament every summer and weekends. Our neighbors would flock at our house every Sunday noon and play  till 7PM and then my grandparents got older and so they had to move the court in the street and since then our court became silent. I don't even play in it anymore, I also remember every night my cousins and I together with my siblings would play basketball regardless of our Genders.

The little garden, the most solemn place around our house.
The garden how could I forget? I wrote a lot of songs in this place, sometimes at night it is the only place where I can see the sky from inside our house. The moonlight would enter this side of the house and it is where we pet stray cats. This place is quiet always and I remember it is also the site of our pets' final resting place. Tisha the white dog was buried here, my brother's rabbit and other past dogs.

Other things I kept in my room: Old Painting I made, Letters and correspondence, My Reggie Miller cards and my ticket when I first when to Coron, Palawan. 
But times have passed and we must now move on, these things and places reminds us of how simple it was back then and how life was a little bit slower.

To end this blog, watch this video I made. Listen to the past.

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