May 10, 2012

Life of a jobless fresh graduate.

March 29, 2012 was memorable, yeah because it was my graduation day but after throwing our hats in the air and celebrated, shouted with all the strength of our lungs we could muster...What happens now? Yes, everybody that time was being optimistic saying that there's a lot of job openings out there, that everyone will get a job in no time.

Undergrads, this is NOT true.

I am guilty of bumming out for a month after graduation, I stayed at the house and embraced every minute of sleep I was getting. I ate well and on-time for at least 5 times a day! Yes, bumming also comes with getting those extra levels of fat in your body. I played video games for 12 hours straight sometimes even more! It was like paradise to me.

I continued reading books during the "bum" era. This one's "The Pretenders" by National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose.
Then days of happiness came to weeks of boredom. The same routine each and everyday inside my house (couldn't go out that much because of the summer heat all over Metro Manila and of course, dwindling money reserves) is killing me, I couldn't take it anymore!

So I began looking for a job, it was exciting! I did it through (free advertising for you guys) and I just typed in my finished degree and specialization and what kind of job I wanted and the webpage began to show me an ocean of opportunities! So I clicked "apply" to all sorts of jobs from being an Editorial Assistant, to being an Online Editor, Writer, Proofreader, Child-Friendly Photographer. 

Then I went to the beach with my batch mates. Had a great time being drunk and just being close to nature. 
12 applications as of May 10, 2012 and guess what! 8 of it were rejected! It was devastating, frustrating and depressing to see the words "unsuccessful" on your application status. For a guy like me who wanted to try to find a job without having helped by someone or a "backer", it's really hard and reality is really setting in and I realize that life isn't a fairy tale after all.

Bumming era included me sleeping on highways.
Am I scared for my future? Yes, hell I'm scared. With the degree I'm holding right now, it doesn't make that much money than those of the corporate world but sometimes for me it's not all about the money but being content with what you really need in life, I've always been a "need" instead of the "want" type of guy, I don't need much clothes, I only have 3 shorts and 3 shirts to wear inside the house but that's perfectly fine for me cause I love living like this, simple is so much better for me.

What's sad in my country is that some people aren't really that poor, but there are really these poor people you see on the streets sleeping, those are really poor but some who claim they are "poor" aren't really poor. They just buy their "wants" instead of "needs". In the Philippines it's popular to be a socialite, buying the latest releases of shoes, gadgets and everything that says "trending and latest".

But back now to my jobless life, I just pray that I'll get a stable job before June comes in so that I can save up, but for now, I'll just be staying here at home bumming around and making sure that the left over food is saved from being spoiled! :)

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