December 14, 2012

Rejuvenated. Reinvented. Reconnected. Re-engaged.

Isn’t it so? To start writing again in a brand newfound voice? Like being out of that dark deep well I fell into when I lost my lust to flirt with words with the world.
Been out of the blog scene for 6 months, traveling stopped, so does my writing, got nothing else to write, too much censorship on my mind, I can’t tell much, people involvement was too much.
Things have been a little, ok, it's been a lot of really crazy and random things that I did since I got out of work, I didn't even went to work during my last day, I was in a terminal at midnight, going to Malolos, Bulacan, and then I went to Manila to watch a pageant, and then drink with a couple of random people at Taft Ave.
It's been slow this past few months, I deactivated my Facebook account for 2 months so that I could start writing music and lyrics again. And it did work, I have 12 new demo songs but haven't recorded it. I was planning to release a Christmas love song (awwww) as a gift to whoever is listening to my songs. Listen to a few here: 
As for my personal hiatus in blogging, I have no excuse for it. I ran out of words, lost the tongue of my hands, but everyone needs a break right? For me, forcing to continue something you used to love is like still believing to win a match where the announcer just said you lost. I wasn't happy writing blogs that time, what the hell would I say? What more to say? Nothing, I was burned.
It’s been 4 years (I think) since I’ve started to speak these jailed thoughts of mine. Four years and so much has changed but one in this life.
Mine’s still a bumpy journey. 

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