February 25, 2017

It's been fun, but I must move on.

I still remember my first blog post eight years ago. It was a poem titled "Am I Worthy For Your Beauty?" - I've always been the romantic kind, and 84 more blogs later, I'm closing my blogspot permanently. Yes, my dear friends, I'm afraid this will be the last post you'll ever read here.

It's been fun blogging here, I met many talented travel bloggers, although I've never met any of them in person, you guys were one of the motivations for me to continue to blog because all of you wrote such great stories and I wanted to be a good writer like you guys are.

Blogging here for 8 years is something that I treasure, this has been my outlet for all those years and now I'm leaving all these 8 years of memories. I don't want to leave but I really must go, not because I don't like it here anymore, but because technology has left Blogger behind. Google has not updated its features, it only means Google may close Blogger in a few years and I needed something more permanent.

Yes, I am not actually quitting my blog. I am moving to my own site which will launch on March 1, 2017.

The new site will be on www.bumpyofmanila.com and there I shall start again. The new blogsite is a work of love. I did everything there, even took a youtube crash course so I can learn how to code things like I.T. guys. I've been developing it for the past week now and I must say I haven't been this sleepless since I was in college. In the morning I would work from 8am to 5pm and when I get home at around 6:30pm I'd start developing the site which will continue until 4am the next day. I would sleep for 2 hours and wake up at 6am to prepare for work again.

I really wish I could continue here but I also have to follow the technological competitiveness of my website.

So what's new with my blog at www.bumpyofmanila.com?

1. Name - (Of course, John, duh!)
2. Own Domain - Yep, I finally bought my own domain and web hosting too for the next 3 years.
3. Collaborative blog - I want my new blog to be a place where artists can show their art.
4. Sections - I have 5 sections now (Blog, Review, Books, Music, and Kalayaan!) Where Kalayaan is specifically for artists wanting to share their piece for absolutely free, provided that I approve it first.
5. Website is responsive - Of course the blog is responsive for mobile users.

I don't want to spill drama here because I'm Bumpy, I never go dramatic over things, I just laugh at the comedy and tragedy of my life.

For those who have been part of this blog, I love you all and thank you for joining the bumpy journey of life with me! Now, another journey begins for you and me, I need you more than ever now.

So this is just a very short goodbye, I'll see you on the new blogsite on March 1 ok?


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