September 23, 2009

Mixing Stress with hobbies

Well, this semester has been the most far... and my body's so tired that when I get home as I turn on my computer I suddenly fall asleep on the table and wake up after 2 hours. yesterday was a holiday and It was the 1st time in almost 3 months that I hanged out in our street.

It was good to see people greeting and their surprised on how much weight I've put onto my body and of course their asking if my injury is already healed and my answer to that is "it'll get better, but it will never heal"
I saw things I've not done for years, like playing street basketball and biking around the surrounding streets.
You see what I mean? He can smile and say HAKUNA MATATA!

I miss the the old times, when there's more fun than stress. Where I can relax on a weekend and talk with my neighbors, Where I can smile for a whole and worry about nothing but what to eat for supper.

hmmm college life is indeed time consuming.
I haven't read the latest book I bought "KAPITAN SINO", it's the 7th book of Bob Ong. I bought it last July and up until now I'm still on chapter 1!!! I guess my mind's so tired when I get home. I don't play the guitar that much too, as of now I haven't finished the new song I'm composing, no title yet..just a few words and rhythm, I'm finding a hard time looking for new inspirations for new songs, I'm getting tired of writing about heartaches, It does nothing but make you remember how stupid I were back then.

So I've found a new way of stressing out or unwinding my mind, whatever you want to call it. For me, this really works, it relaxes my mind and releases my brain's creative juices. It's Painting! I know that I can't even draw but it's a skill I'm so desperate to have.

Well really just wanna show you the pics of my so called "Masterpieces" :D

This is the first painting, made with Posterpaint entitled "Choices" Inspired by this play I watched last year. It's about making choices of your own, each road leading to a new direction.

This is the latest painting, made with acrylic paint, entitled "Goodevening to the sun" inspired by Barbie Almalbis' song "Goodnight" - that's a pretty song. It shows the moon and the sun colliding with each other and the creatures are confused on whether it is day or night.

- I told you I'm a frustrated painter. Well I hope I'll get better in painting as well as in Photography and music writing. :D Sometimes I think that I can have my own world...Inside my room. :D

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