September 27, 2009

Lending my hands

PICTURE 1: Broken asphalt roads. Caused by flooding.

Tomorrow at around 7am, I'll meet up with my friend to volunteer for Sagip Kapamilya's Relief Operations. I don't know what will they require us to do...but whatever it is, I hope it's worth volunteering for.

We all know that Eastern Luzon of our beloved Philippines is in a state of calamity after nonstop rains flooded the land. Fortunately our house is located above sea level and it water didn't come to visit our home.

As I was watching the news I saw people on their rooftops screaming desperately for help. I felt that it was my responsibility to help my fellow countrymen.

Earlier this morning we went to my tita's house and saw the damaged caused by the flood. It's Tragic.

tomorrow, I shall go wherever the tide would bring me. I didn't ask permission from my parents but I'll just leave a letter in front of my room. Don't worry about me, I just couldn't stand anymore watching at home and not do anything.

I am in the position where I can help those in need, and so I will lend my hand to anyone in need.

This is it. This is the chance. I'll grab it.

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