September 21, 2010

Blissful tragedy

This episode of my life happened last September 16,2010 in what I call a "Blissful Tragedy"

The day started as usual, I slept 1am and then woke up around 5am and went to attend my Thursday class from 9am-12pm. A text from my EIC said that we have an emergency meeting at 5pm, so 12pm-4:59pm, what I was going to do?

A blessing in the name of my good friend Edward butted in with "come to my place first" and at I was not in to it cause of the travel that was kinda hot and tiring (We ride the jeepney, yes I am no high end blogger, I'm an average citizen that can travel and eat anywhere you put me, just don't give me cheese) but then the weather went on our side, the sun wasn't scorching and it became windy, so I said what the hell, let's go!

So on our way I asked what are we going to eat, I was thinking a simple carbohydrate overload meal for me. That's 2 instant pancit cantons together with rice (Yes, I also have a different tongue) but he had better ideas, knowing the place better he took me to what he claimed to be the "First BEEF PARES Cafeteria" place, where the Elite, Average and the poor come together to munch on their favorite viands.

So I told him "hell yeah! I love pares!" so we went there and true enough, all three classifications are there, The Elite park their expensive cars while the Average go down the public jeepneys and the poor just walk in. So the cafeteria isn't like tables and chairs, it's like a long bar where you get to have someone on your left even if you don't know the person.
The "Original Pares" Place

Looks simple but the taste was extravagant
I ordered of course the famed beef pares, the presentation was simple, plastic plates and viola! you have mouth watering meal. The experience is not worth it if you eat and not perspire there, the place was "the best hottest" place to be in, it was just awesome.

Surprisingly, he treated me and I really don't like being in that position especially when a friend of yours is trying to save money to pay for his laptop. After that we went to his place and just hang out there and rested, killing time by watching "showtime".

ah! so tragic.
Fast forward I left there at 4:20 and at the LRT Blumentritt station I saw the old railway, it was full of informal settlers, my fellow unfortunate countrymen. If I was the President I would offer them "back to province" program, because most of them left their province to look for a better life but ended unsuccessful, not enough money to go back to their simple lives.

I arrived at the meeting but it didn't push through because they were all busy and I understand that, so I just watched some of my friends play starcraft. Around 7pm we were on the way home when suddenly heavy rain started. We were stranded until 9PM. The train's last ride was 9:30pm and I made a decision to just outrun the rain, so we did it and we were wet, my polo was dripping with water and it's embarrassing but what the hell? I wanted to go home. The best part was that the card for the train I didn't use for 3 months worked miraculously! Truly amazing indeed.

The day was a mix of bliss and tragedy. More bliss actually :)

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