November 15, 2010

Boracay Part 2: Revenge of the Island

2:30PM - My brother and his buddies are drinking beer under the coconut shade while facing the milky sanded beach, it's a great way of resting after pigging out during the late lunch after I settled in. The sun shines and burns the skin of the vacationers around, some were walking, some jogging from end to end of the beach and others took a dip to the crystalline waters of the paradise.

Around that time while just bumming our asses under the shade we saw this boraboy(my term for a Local Boracay boy) playing with his skim board, which is relatively a new sport activity. So Mikki and JP, my brother's friend went to this kid and asked if they could borrow the board and try skim boarding. The kid told us we had to pay because that was his little business, PHP250 ($5) per hour. Us, being on a budget asked if we can have it for $4. He agreed after 20 minutes of negotiation.

We were at least 6 years younger than him, became our tutor and yep, sometimes kids know things that us "old timers" don't.

The kid started out by telling us how to pose, how to throw the board, the way to run after it, the jump and other things. They were enjoying the tutoring session while I was just taking pics with my brother and other stuffs like that, everybody wants to try out the cheaper way of surfing the beach!

The famous "Jump shot" that has got people crazy for years now.
After a good 20 minutes of trying the things the kid said, I couldn't wait any longer to get in the board so I went up to them and said "Let me try! It's my turn!" so I grabbed the board, the kid said he has to teach me but I was stubborn and just too excited. I said I was listening and I knew what to do, So there I was ready to go and jump on the board.

Epic photograph 
He threw the board after the wave and I ran as fast as I could, carrying 200 pounds of weight with a pair of old knees, I ran after it like a hamburger. I jumped! the next thing my eyes saw was the sky and I realized I was going to have a very bad fall, the only thing I said before my flabs hit the ground was "Oh shit!"


As you can see, I'm in quite pain
I fell, I heard a few laughs but inside my mind was "Tragedy". I felt it, again. It's the 7th time since 2008, I've dislocated my shoulder once again! I knew I was in fucking trouble because of my stupid act, I was in the island and the hospital is at least at the other island.

Good thing Mikki was there, who also dislocated his shoulder way back. he knew what to do and instruct me to do things, when that didn't work, he decided to use the most painful but the most effective and fastest way to bring my shoulder back to its place. I laid flat on the sand and he used the "Military" procedure, watch how it works here.


My shoulder was back again! It didn't hurt so much since it was the 7th time I dislocated my ailing shoulder. After that I just took a rest on the sand for at least 15 minutes just lying there thanking God that Mikki was there to save the trip for me.

A small crab he was playing with

The rest of the day continued as usual except for me, a lot has changed. I can't try any more extreme sports since I was injured, I spent the day just resting, looking at the beach and observing other people as what I always do.

This would be very memorable, Proposing while on vacation in another country. Just Sweet!

There were a lot of funny, sweet, awkward scenes on the beach that day, a proposal, a man jogging wearing only his brief, a very very large foreigner wearing bikinis and a man jogging while juggling some balls. It's amazing how people just seemed not to care about each other and just enjoy the beach.

As the Sun dived into the horizon, a chapter of Boracay life closes and opens another one. The Night Life.


Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

Boracay looks fun! Haven't been there but will surely will someday! =)

John Exos Nulud said...

thanks Christian, Yeah Boracay is on the expensive side but it's really an experience!