November 22, 2010

Boracay Part 3: Lazy Sunday and The Night Life

9 o'clock in the morning, The alarm blasts in my ear and my minds awake but my body's not. After the almost vacation ending accident that happened the day before, my shoulder was swollen and hurting too much. I couldn't move my right shoulder and the ball socket is too loose and I can't even carry a water bottle with my right hand.

Around 11AM I got a call from my brother and said that I should get myself ready because we would go Paraw Sailing. Me, even with an injury, got ready although getting ready was such a tough one, putting my shirt on was the hardest thing to do!

Paraw Sailing.The explanation of this sail boat came from here

                      -"The word paraw also parao is related to proa and may be used to denote a boat. However, the term for boats (with or without outriggers) in the Philippine islands without sails or layag are typically called vanca or bangka.  Paraws are known to sail between 11 to 17 knots (20~31 km/h) or approximate the speed of the wind. The outriggers (ama) or katig, made of wood or more commonly, bamboo, may be straight or curve upward much like skis and provide stability."

So we went to the boat got on and 2 people navigated the boat while we just lay flat on our backs enjoying the wind, the waves and the searing heat of the Sun. The constant pull of the pulleys and directing the boat of the 2 male navigators amused me because it was like we were pirates and the waves were coming at us, splashing me wet. 

The view from riding the Paraw is amazing, being in a constant movement right in the middle of the sea, the sound of the sail every time the wind blasts on it, the waves banging against the boat and the best of all, the serenity of the sea. It gave me the feeling of being so away from the world, leaving all the problems and mighty stress. 

That's the Paraw.
After Paraw sailing we had lunch together and then went back to our own cottages to rest for awhile. My shoulder was still in pain and I couldn't go on and I needed to take medicine because it was swollen.

My little notepad which I carried everywhere I went during my stay in Boracay.
Ever since I stepped into the Terminal of the airport in Manila, I wrote every observation, detail and thoughts about my experiences for the trip. Since my shoulder was hurting I decided to just go to the bar where I was staying and order something to cool down my body. I had 2 fresh mango shakes while I was "People-watching" and just being a keen observer while sitting down alone.

2:00PM - Written on my notepad:

"The winds of serenity blow away my stress and problems, my feet dipped into the sands of this paradise which can be compared with the powdered milk from a tin can. What a lazy afternoon."

I was merely moving, it was just my eyes that were in a 180 degree lookout for interesting things. While just taking a sip and listening to Cat Stevens music, I saw a Pancit vendor and bought one. It's the cheapest Pancit I found there! PHP20 (less than $1) I missed Manila when I took the first bite, it's one of those foods I missed eating, the cheap ones, I really am not a big spender. I don't have a luxurious life nor signature clothes, I live simple and not living beyond needs. I stayed at the bar until the Sun dived and the moon jumped to start the evening.

A small ferris wheel for the children at D' MALL
Boracay offers almost all types of nightlife for the tourists. There are quiet bars, live bands, clubs and stage performance bars; It's a sin if you stay in your room during Boracay nights. For a guy like me, who likes to sit down holding an ice cold bottle of Red Horse Beer, some peanuts on the table and listen to live acoustic performances. In short, I want to chill when we're talking about nightlife. But of course, before the drinking sessions you should have dinner first. Usually, tourists eat dinner around 7-9PM, but I eat around 9PM and then drink beer around 10PM.

This was my dinner, Big Mouth's Korean Braised Beef. Yum!
After eating and walking around town I went to "Pat's Bar" where I was the night before. The bar was reggae themed and there are performers every night. Although it is a reggae themed bar, other genres are still played, as long as it's converted to acoustic rendition. 

The singer and guitarist, Marv, was my favorite because of his husky voice, guitar skills and his awesome dreadlocks!

I was at Pat's Bar all 3 nights of my stay in the island, it is such a cool place to hang out because foreigners and locals get together and the low light and quiet ambiance is just amazing while watching the bands play. I requested "Buffalo Soldier" and Marv, the cool Rastafarian sang it really good. I always control my spending on drinking, keeping it to about 3-4 bottles per night because I don't want to crawl my way home or throw up and ruin somebody's night.

Fire Dancers.
On my way home, I saw a hotel offering a "Fire Dance" performance for PHP500 ($10). I got to watch by just peeking on one of the covers' holes. They dance around the fire, dance around with the guests and they can put the fire as close to your nose without hurting you. 

It was 3 o' clock in the morning when I went back to my cottage and BLAG! I slept and on my way to my 3rd day.

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