February 18, 2011

Prologue: Memories of Coron, Palawan - The Last Frontier 2007

I was 16 years of age, very young and so carefree when  I found this place closest to my Heart. It was a stroke of luck when I got a chance to go there. My brother had a field trip way back in college and the destination was Coron. I wanted to come but it was a school affair, luckily my brother was good friends with the travel agent and said that I could join if I paid PhP7,000 ($300), and so my mom and dad paid for it and I was in!

Negros Navigation Ferry, where the journey began
It was noon when we arrived at a harbor in Manila which I don't remember where, the hot, dusty and humid air quickly makes my shirt smell like a dirty 4 year old. It didn't matter much to me because I was young, just 16 while all the boys and girls around had no "teen" word when you say their ages. I stayed closed to my brother and his friends to keep me company. The ferry ride was 15 hours to Coron.

The waters of Coron, clean and serene
It was 5AM when we arrived at the port of Coron and then transfered to a boat that can hold up to 20 people that took us to where we will be staying, at Dive Link. Just a quick breakfast and we were off the waters once again to tour the islands.

The majestic view cliff before entering Kayangan Lake.
I fell in Love with this view and it captivated me. I've never loved a place like this, it was first love all over again for me and I could see what she offers me.

That's me at the far right
Me at Kayangan Lake
I forgot other things we've done in Coron back in 2007 but all I can remember is how the place captured me, it holds magnificent views and sparkling waters.

Four years had passed and I dreamed of going back to this place I love, always mentioning Coron as my top destination over and over again. It's been four years now and then something happened. I'm going back to Coron after four long years.

*Watch out for my new 4-part blog series titled "The Last Frontier" which contains my recent travel back to Coron, Palawan here in my beloved country the Philippines.


Pinoy Boy Journals said...

uy share your story of Coron ha. i've never been there! he he ang ganda grabe! pano pa kaya back in the days.

John Exos Nulud said...

I will! it'll come :D

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

ngayun lang ako nakabisita ulit, buti di pa pala nagsisimula ang show hehe