March 10, 2011

My apologies dear readers.

First of all I want to apologize to my dear readers who have been waiting for my blog series "PALAWAN: THE LAST FRONTIER" travel last Febuary 13-16, it is due to my busy student life that I cannot find the right time and mindset to accomplish the said blog series. As a student and I know a lot of you will understand me that being a college student is time consuming especially for me as a Journalism major, I go to places and then write articles.

I am also been very busy with my thesis which takes two-thirds of my day researching and I get exhausted from it.

The blog series will be delayed and it might be continued when classes are over, I beg you to understand my situation as I don't want to present you a blog that has no heart in it. I've always wanted to present blogs that take you to the place while reading it.

Here is a photo of me in a class, yes there are only 3 of us studying Photojournalism.

This is an exhibit of our Photojournalism course, the photos you see at the right side are my works.
Again, I apologize for the delay but do not worry for I won't be away that long. Cheers!

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