June 17, 2011

So what if there's no technology?


Impossible, that is the only answer I can and will give forever. It is unthinkable that there is no technology, THE WHEEL is technology! Along with the pulley, gun powder and even the samurai! Yes! It’s old but it is still technology!

I was born in a generation where the internet wasn’t available yet in houses. The games I played in my childhood days wasn’t with a computer box, it was outside where I play around with other non-virtual beings. It was by far the best decade I can remember when Filipino kids still had their daily summer afternoons outside the streets.

Today technology has gone to greater heights and it is quite unbelievable that what we saw in movies a decade ago is actually becoming a reality.  Touch-screen mobile phones, High definition television and the wireless internet connection!

So what will we do if there is indeed no technology? What if tomorrow we wake up and the technologies we became dependent on was gone and unusable? What will we do? Where will we go? How will we feel? Where do we start? Why did it happen?

The new millennium has put their lives as slaves to technology, some are so wired to the internet they forgot who’s real from virtual. They don’t even have friends anymore because they sleep and eat and live in a desktop computer, they never go to parks on Sundays.

So what does really happen when technology goes out of business? I'll give you a scenario.

You wake up in the morning, you see your phone is dead, even the landline and television's out. There's still electricity but the communication's busted, how do you call with your client meetings or friends in a mall get together?

I say if there is no modern technology, well we just gotta do it the old school. With today's technology, we can connect to people across oceans in seconds but without it, it'll take months to send not electronic messages but the handwritten snail mails.

It'll be hard going back to the things we used before, especially we don't have the patience we humans used to have. The world revolves a lot faster than before because of technology, I can't imagine myself using a two-liner cellular phone without an address book, nor a MS Dos computer where in accessing it was more like encoding secret documents for the Government.

But when we speak of technology, it is everything! As I said before, the wheel is technology! Everything you see today and even the Pyramid is technology. Science and human have deep roots together, a man is born with the greatest technology, his brain.

Everything we see came from a man's imagination that became reality, the problem of today is that our lives is depended on technology, we have to look back and ask, have we become slaves for our inventions?

So what if there's no technology? - Simple, it is impossible.

Well having no electricity is possible, but look at what I have around me, all technology!


mabie said...
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Clarice said...

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