June 1, 2011

Baler - Part 3 - Surfin' it up!

One of Baler’s main tourist attractions is surfing, although in Manila La Union comes first in mind when one talks about surfing, Baler is slowly becoming the next big thing in surfing in the northern Philippines.

Me holding bundles of Suman.
Other than surfing, there are some small attractions compared to surfing (But I wouldn’t call it small because without these “small attractions”, Baler may be boring.) are the delicacies such as Suman (a rice cake) and of course the view of the rice fields that are so green all together with a backdrop of the mountain ranges.

Nothing beats a natural canvass.
My brother, his girlfriend and my cousins went out at the beaches to have surfing lessons with the locals. For PhP300.00 ($6) you already have an instructor and a surfboard for an hour! Yes! Learnings surfing in Baler is relatively cheaper than in other places in the country!

Surfer boy.
As for me, I didn’t take the surfing challenge due to fearing  that my right shoulder might be again dislocated just like what happened in my travel in Boracay, well you can read all about it HERE ß 

When age gets you, piece of mind rather than adrenaline rush is what you look for.
I just took photos and videos of people surfing around and enjoying themselves and I can only imagine what it feels like to feel the rush of water carrying me back to the shore, I was enjoying myself taking by just watching them.

Here's a video of the surfers of Baler:

As the Sun turns its back on us and as Baler readies itself to be engulfed in darkness, my mom took this photo while I was taking photos of the surfers, well thanks Mom!

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