October 4, 2016

First published E-book: Escolta

Hi Friends!

     I just released my first e-book titled "Escolta", just to tell you guys the background of Escolta.

     I was inspired to write this when I went to an art fair in Escolta, I thought what a beautiful setting Escolta would be for a story. It was the summer of 2014 when I started working on it, it was originally supposed to be a novel but I thought it would be hard stretching a one-day story. So I decided that it would be my first short story as I already have a novel project that I was developing for 4 years during that time (Make that 6 years now)

     After just a few months I lost my spark of insanity in writing and I stopped writing. In 2015 I was encouraged to write it for a contest and so I did and wrote it, but with a deadline, I was pressured to finish it, that's why I hate deadlines. I knew it wouldn't win, and it did not, I think probably it was one of the first entries to be eliminated.

     Just a few months ago, around May to be exact, I had quit my job and I was a couch potato at home and watched movies all day and getting drunk all night, that was the routine. Until I watched the movie "Stranger Than Fiction", The narration in that movie was superb and so I thought I should revisit my writing - and yes, my writing sucked big time, it was way off, I embarrassed myself for sending that to the contest.

     So I scratched the plot and retained only the setting. I rewrote it for 1 week, locked up in my room, writing from the moment I wake up at 9am and ending at around 8pm. I even hunted quiet coffee shops to write.

     And now I present to you, Escolta.

     Escolta is the first part of my planned 3 or 5-part short story series. Yes, when I finished writing this, I wanted to write more so I wrote the 2nd part last June, it took my around 3 days to write the second one. Watch out for the second part because I may release it this week.

     Escolta is available for FREE through Smashwords.com and Barnes & Noble. So download and read now because I'm about to drop the second part! Cheers!

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