May 28, 2009

Back to School!

Summer's almost over!, last 2 days I already bought my school supplies so that I won't have to do a last minute shopping when school's about to start because we've always done that when I was younger and I can't stand the volume of people trying to get what they need, it's almost like they're all in fast motion and I can't help but just to watch people shout, children cry, the non-stop sounds of the cashier. So by the time I was in highschool, I've always made sure that I have everything ready two weeks before classes start.

As I grew up I just noticed the school supplies needed. other than the books needed, these were the additional requirements.


10 notebooks
10 folders
3 ball pens (black,blue,red)
2 pencils (mongol #3)
10 pcs. Oslo Paper
10 pcs. Art paper (the assorted colored ones)
1 tissue paper (in case you want to go poo poo)
100 sheet pad paper
24 color Crayola
1 ruler
1 pencil/ball pen case (better if the case was made in metal and had several levels)

10 notebooks
10 folders
1 scientific calculator
1 highlighter
2 ball pens (black and red was standard color for our school)
24 color crayola
100 sheet yellow pad paper
1 pampapogi kit (hahaha, i never had this one)

1 Binder Notebook
1 scientific calculator (for math and science minor subjects)
1 highlighter
2 ball pens
1 whiteboard marker

- I mean, whoa! when I was younger and whenever I see college people walking and holding only their binders I thought that they were the "bobo and tanga" of the school because they never carried their books and didn't have bags, but now I realized that sometimes that's what I'm exactly doing.

-physical attributes changes a lot as we grow up too! when I was:
ELEMENTARY: so cute, soft skins and so huggable
HIGH SCHOOL: baby fats gone but beer belly started to emerge
COLLEGE: Grew my beard and mustache, and the everyday battle with that PIMPLE!

I'm about to enter my 2nd year college, major in Journalism. My first year was awesome, so many many many new things and opportunities happened! and I've rated it as my #2 top list of best school years, my #1 would be my 4th year high school.
- I'm also looking forward to see again my friends, haha I miss them bigtime! did you know that I was elected as a course representative for the Student Council? haha yes I was! It was hard, tiring but fun work! I met great people along the way and I got a chance to shake the hands of Senator Dick Gordon. I was inspired by his intelligence to infrastructure developement! well anyway I hope I'll have a blast this year just like last year!


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