May 16, 2009

Sharing Knowledge this Summer.

My bedroom is a small and cozy one, usually it's very messy, my clothes' everywhere and I don't usually make up my bed because for some reason it doesn't get messed up. You'll also find in my room My old guitars, I didn't sell them because it has sentimental value to me. But what you can really notice is the amount of books stuck inside the room, some of the books were since I was Grade 2.that's my room, small but I like it. this is where I do my "deep thinking" about things.

So after a quick thinking I remembered that one of my tutors was teaching for free to this christian community in her village. To me it was an opportunity to help again to less fortunate people which I LOVE DOING! So I gathered all the books in my room, I got very dusty and dirty and I sneezed a lot =P. While I was cleaning my books all sorts of memories came back, I saw my childish doodles, different styles of writing my name, names of my friends, my crushes and all kinds of kiddo things were written on my books.
some of the books I cleaned.

FLASHBACK:this picture was in lipa batangas when we were having our reach-out program in 4th year.

I don't know where I got my "charity spirit" but I guess I learned it in school. Back then we used to do "reach-out program" and as far as I remember it was in the 7th grade that I felt so blessed. We went to buwayang bato, a poor barangay in mandaluyong just facing the pasig river. The goal of the program is to live how they do for 1 whole day, we did the chores they do, It was my first time to eat kamote cue dipped in rock salt. I also did the laundry and went to the small wet market there and bought lunch. What suprises me is the size of their house, the space is so small. I think it's about 5 meters in length and width, it's that small but their family is big, too many children. They sleep on whatever space is left.
that's me with a "baka" in Filipino terms. He wasn't that camera shy at all.

education is the best gift you can give to yourself - I don't know who said it first but I always believed in it. Without education you can't have the basic needs for you to survive the streets of the world, If you can't read then you can't go where you want to, If you can't write and count then you will be fooled by others in terms of money.

Supposedly I was to give the books at around 3pm to my tutors but there was 1 problem, THE CAR!!! at around 1pm my brother told me to go to the nearest gas station to put in clutch liquid and put gas and air, so I went to petron station and did it but after the tires were fixed I couldn't drive the car because the stick won't go into Gear 1. So I asked one of the gas boys there to check the car. They found out that my Master and Secondary Clutch kit was already destroyed. It only means that while I was driving the car going to the gas station It was already broken, good thing that it broke while I was in the station, so no choice for me but to let them repair the car and I called my brother who called mom and asked for money. After long hours of labor at around 4:30pm the job was done! I rushed back home, took a quick shower and filled the car with books and finally gave the books to my tutors. Better late than never hahaha!Some of the books that are ready for transportation. I gave more than 60 books. =P

It gave me real joy to finally donate the books because I felt that I have given more than just an old book, but with the book I shared the knowledge that I learned through those books.

once in history someone said:
but to me:
I'm just sharing what I have, doing what I can do, how bout you?what can you do? I help wherever help is needed, no second thoughts, the word "HELP" is a general term, either you're Black or White, Muslim, Catholic, Christian or whatever religion there is...


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