May 2, 2009

Travel: Laguna Recreational Site


Way back in 2007, I was then a 3rd year high school from a Private school for boys in Mandaluyong. The day began when me and my friends met up early in the morning at Ministop( convenience store) since Starbucks Coffee was still closed, we just sat at the corner of the street waiting for 5:30am to arrived, exchanged some experiences about yesterday and some smoked secretly but I can smell them :)).

At last! 5:30am arrived and we went to the school grounds where the bus was boarding students for the long journey to Laguna. at around 10:30am we got lost because we went to this place but it was not it.

We arrived there lunchtime, so we played a couple of starter games and then we ate, after that we went to the obstacle course, it was hard and scary...we crawled over mud, walked a bamboo bridge (not a bridge actually but there was only 2 pieces of bamboo just enough for your feet to walk onto and we were about 20feet above the ground.

that's me loving the nature behind me :D

Sad thing was I only got few photos of this trip because my camera was broken.
but above all, I got the thrill and excitement together with friends that I was looking for.

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