October 30, 2010

Prologue: Detour to Boracay

I've always wanted to travel alone, to be away from people, obligations and work. Traveling alone would give me the time to think alone, be on my own pace and do whatever I wish to do, a trip that would make me think over things and have what I call "The trip for the Heart, Mind and Soul".

I've set my eyes on going to the North of Luzon, the 8th wonder of the World Banaue Rice Terraces and its surrounding communities; Batad, Bontoc and Sagada. A week long trip would have granted me the total rejuvenation and release all the stress in me.

Then things got grim when a typhoon  ravaged the North days before my trip and directly hitting Banaue to Sagada and its region causing landslides and closing the roads that lead to the mountains. I was so disappointed because I couldn't go when my parents didn't allow me. My mind was just intoxicated with stress and problems and I just have to get away from the mind-dusting and violent civilized city called Manila. They decided that I should just follow my brother in Boracay.

I didn't really like Boracay that much because it's crowded and I liked places that are quiet like Palawan. For rest sake I said yes and would give the island a chance. I wasn't that excited in leaving at all because my mind was still in the Rice Terraces but anyway this trip is all expenses paid.
5:00AM - I woke up and took a bath, shaved a little bit to trim my beard. Did my morning glory (That's sitting in the throne disposing you know what) got dressed up, checked my things and had my final goodbyes and I was off to the airport.
The NAIA Terminal 3 (Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3) If I'm not mistaken this is the newest Terminal.

7:37AM - Inside a cafe, just sitting down waiting patiently for my flight to come. My brother knew I was coming so he was texting me from time to time, getting updates from me. The best thing I was doing in the cafe was chewing gum cause of all things I needed to do, I forgot to brush my teeth.

My ticket going to Caticlan Airport, which is 2 hours closer from the old Kalibo Airport.

8:07AM - While I was strolling around the terminal (yes, I was walking up and down through the terminal gate hall like it was a mall because sometimes I just don't want to be bored and want to see something new) I saw a lot of team vacationers. Varsity players flashing their jackets and wearing them proud. Some of the schools were Adamson University, College of St. Benilde and the Ateneo de Manila University.

8:30AM - Just to be sure that I would have a smooth sailing travel to Boracay, I did morning glory part 2 just to be really sure. After a while of just sitting down looking left and right, constantly checking my cellphone and smiling at children when they look at me, It gets really boring waiting at the airport.

well as you can see, someone is already sleeping and other people trying to amuse themselves.
The bus ride going to the plane, the seats were horrible, the seat's leg space were so small

9:20AM - The plane was late and had just started boarding passengers, I hate being late because it shows laziness, we were supposed to leave at 9:15! Good thing that I got the window seat and no one's beside me, I got to be comfortable . 

The plane that'll bring me to Caticlan
I'm not really fond of flying, I'd rather go to a place via ferry boat or by land. I'm scared of height, I get nervous so often that you can't talk to me minutes before the flight.

In the plane, I thought the flight attendants would dance just like what I saw on youtube.
Inside the plane, as I said was all alone, 2 seats were mine for my big butt, behind my seat was a European mother with her daughter who kept admiring things they see at the moment, take note that we were still in the runway. Up front is a group of European travelers who were kinda noisy, but who can blame them? Everyone was excited to see Asia's best beach. As for me I was just observing the other things like the sound of the crying baby and eavesdropping behind.

Manila from above

When the engine started to rev up and the plane went on full speed for take off, that's the time I always close my eyes and pray to Jesus to give me a safe trip. When I opened my eyes it was like a different world already, like being the eye in the sky. I saw Corregidor and Taal Volcano and it's Magnificent. 

As we leave land and all I can see are clouds and the deep sea, I can only wonder what Boracay has prepared for the next 4 days and 3 nights that I'll be staying on the island that has been known around the world.

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