October 15, 2010

Sembreak and the Top 10 moments!

After 4 months of studying, getting my ass to work at the school paper and doing left and right favors, I finally survived the first wave of the year. This was the hardest one yet, even if I only had 6 courses it was so hard to balance time for each one. At first I was just taking it easy because in my mind I thought "nah, it's just all about writing, I can do that" but by the time writing activities started in mid July, I was starting to have some vocabulary shortages.

Writing an average of 10 articles with at least 600 words each is kinda stressful, all those topics and the ability of changing writing styles from Creative non-Fiction to Sports Writing is confusing! Sometimes I write like a feature writer when I'm supposedly writing an Opinion and Editorial piece. It like twister fries when I do homeworks everything kinda just tangles up and I get a little crazy thinking how to write this and that and it has to be different from this and that.

But of course I'll be such a sissy for just complaining about my last semester, It was hard and toxic to the brain, I didn't have so much time to be with my friends but hey, there was more fun in spite of all those stressful moments. A lot of whole new experiences that only a view can have. Here are some of the best moments of my first semester. It's based in the overall mood and experience.

TOP 10
Ranking at top 10 is the midnight food trip with my friends Janine and Thor and my cousin Miguel, all the foods you wanna munched on is there! Only at Banchetto Ortigas.

Ranking at 9 is meeting People Asia Editor-in-Chief Joanne Ramirez, to tell you the truth, this interview with would have been ranked higher if not for the longest walk I've taken in my life. Blame it on the guy at the right most corner, he said the building was close enough, but it turned out to be a walkathon at Ayala Avenue.

At number 8 is my first time watching Mixed Martial Arts live, it's the URCC 17: Havoc, the best part of this is that we got passes thanks to my classmate Clarice who got us ringside tickets. This was part of the "Sports Journalism" course homework, but while covering this event, we drank beer while watching knockouts.

At top 7 is our exposure visit to TV-RADIO station DZRH where we got to experience what was it like to work at a studio and we had a chance to be on air live during the last 10 minutes of the program.

At number 6 is my "Sports Journalism" class, this course is a breather for us, it somehow kept us at  a balance with other stressful courses. Even though this required Sunday classes, we got to bond really well together and I'll miss moments like those especially while covering events, not to mention the free tickets we get from sports entertainment. One of which is the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

At number 5 is the "Dominican Youth Group" Reunion, I got to know a lot of them last summer in the Youth Summer Camp where I met really nice new people in my life and meeting them after almost 5 months brings so much joy in me. I was the happiest person that time, it's so nice to catch up with them.

Ranking high at number 4 is meeting 5 time Palanca Award winner Grace D. Chong, author of "Gifts of Grace" and the child book series "Oh!Mateo". She gave so much inspiration in me that I rediscovered my passion for blogging. This "the bumpy journey of life" blog is actually the 3rd reincarnation. I was so much inspired by her and it was just amazing knowing about her and her past.

And at number 3 is our food review of "Mofara's Halal Food Haus" during our Feature Writing course with Mr. Bana. I've blogged about this experience HERE . I thought I wouldn't like it but now I'm craving to go back there anytime soon for the 3rd time, my friends also got curious about Halal food after I blogged about it.


At number 2 is the college sembreak getaway called "CALLTIME" it's an activity together with other Programs in the Institute of Communication, that includes Communication Arts, Broadcasting, Advertising and of course the one I'm taking up, Journalism. It's so fun and it's mainly an outing at any water based park or resort and so far it's the best I've been into. I left all my stress and anger in that park. oh that's in "AMANA WATER PARK, Bulacan" 


The number one on my list of top 10 moments of the 1st semester would be my cousins' visit here in the Philippines. I toured them around Manila on their 2nd day in the Philippines and visited 7 museums in one day, I was so happy showing them what Philippines was all about. They are of Pure Filipino descent but they were born and grew up in America. I saw them again after 12 years! One thing I'll miss about them is that they like the food "Bistek" which I didn't like to eat before and because of them I love it now.

So it isn't that bad anyway, I've got more good things to show if I go on and on, I realized that "business before play" really does it and I got to enjoy all of these things because I didn't worry about failing subjects because I know I've done my job well and I deserved the fun moments I did.

How bout you? ever thought of your top tens Till next time! :)

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Mariama said...

Hey John, you have a very happy sembreak huh! :)
If sembreak was a product, I'd buy it! Your post about your sembreak is very nice. It makes me look forward to sembreak! :)